Bienvenus a notre blog


This is le point de depart for the journey my friend, Julie Kay, and I are about to make.  We are traveling to France June 17 and will spend 15 days exploring Paris and Provence.  Quelle vie, hein!  So stay tuned as we work out the itinerary, which we have changed a few times since this voyage came to be.

A little bit about us:

Julie is my oldest friend.  We met in grade school, St. Pius X, and remained close friends through high school.  We have stayed in touch throughout our lives, supporting each other through divorce, deaths of child and parents, raising kids, health issues, .  Some years we connected more than others but whenever we have gotten together, we start up right where we left off.  There is never any pretense between us.  We respect each other and are grateful for our friendship.

I have been teaching French for- wait for it- 30+years.  It is my passion giving me great highs & lows,(when my French is not at the level I want it to be and when a student is not passionate about learning a language & culture).  I have traveled to France several times since I turned 50.  I decided to get my masters in French so spent 2 summers in Nice attending school.  I earned my masters in 2008.  In 2003, I spent 5 weeks in France participating in the NEH seminar, France, les annees noires, which was a study on the occupation of France.  This seminar changed my life and how I looked at France.  It has propelled me to continue to research the 1930’s-40’s in France and to <<ouvrez les yeux>> because history to continues to repeat itself.  I am sure continue to reference this part of French history throughout the journey.   Mais pour le moment,  c’est tout.